Mold on air vents – ductwork?

Moving has to be one of the most stressful times of any human’s life. I don’t think it gets better with age, experience, or proximity to your next residence, either. It’s just a mountain of stressful nightmares for months on end until you can finally get fully settled in your new space. That’s where I am right now – straddling two distinct residences as we attempt to vacate one and establish ourselves in another. More annoying than the packing and relocation of all our things, I think, is the deep cleaning that must be done in our old home. I am not a super cleanly person to begin with, and having to scrutinize every inch of the house is especially difficult for me. That’s why I was incredibly upset when I realized that there was mold growing on the ceiling surrounding one of our air vents. Getting up on a ladder to scrub some nasty black mold off the air vent is pretty annoying and dangerous, especially when you’re exhausted from all the moving activities and have to turn off the AC to clean up there. Then, the vent itself connects to the central heating and cooling system, and makes me begin to worry about what else could be living in the air ducts that span the entire house. I mean, at what point do our cleaning duties end? Are we responsible for cleaning out the entire HVAC system before we go? Is there a chance that the mold could grow out of multiple air vents, or that the spores will take flight when the AC system kicks into gear? I have enough to worry about – I just want to leave this house, this old HVAC system, and this mold and never look back.

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