HVAC zone control fail

We had overnight guests last night. My aunt and uncle from out of state were going to visit and they came by to have breakfast with us and stay in our guest room. This morning my partner is taking them to the airport to catch a flight back home. As we were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee and donuts this morning, they informed us that the room that they were sleeping in was cold! I was so embarrassed that I had apparently forgotten about turning on the gas furnace in that area of the house. We have zone control heating and cooling in our house.  Since we are rarely in the guest room, I didn’t have the thermostat set to turn on the gas furnace in that room. Our poor aunt and uncle froze to death all night long in there. I felt so bad! They said that I shouldn’t feel bad about it because they searched through the closet and found a feather comforter and also the tiny space furnace that I had shoved in the back of the closet. At least they had the little electric space heater. Still! I couldn’t believe that I managed to forget something as important as turning the zone control heating on for them. I know I’m just not used to having overnight guests. Let me tell you, I was so embarrassed about this particular experience that next time I have someone sleep at our house, I will actually remember that we have zone control heating and cooling! I will make sure that they are comfortable in the guest room!

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