I am certainly getting sleepy

I have just recently seperated from my wife Ariel, but we had a nice run. Ariel and I managed to stay together for 4 years plus genuinely only hated each other for the last few months of them. That’s not that bad considering most people now these times only make it about half as long. Of course, the total getting rid of one another process was not a recognizably grand ole time for either of us, but Ariel and I are both civil plus managed to get done with it without too much hassle. Ariel and I had to sell the apartment which then turned out to be more of an issue than either of us believed it would have been. We had it checked plus it was super full of radon gas. For those who don’t even get it, radon gas is an odorless, colorless, and a terrible gas that is known to lead to stage 3 lung cancer. I couldn’t even tell you when the final time Ariel and I had the apartment looked after was, so I can’t genuinely say for how long Ariel and I have been breathing that radon in. So, I had a radon mitigation repair come in plus take care of the concern. They sealed up some cracks in the foundation, set up a sub-slab ventilation plan to suck the radon gas out from the lower levels of the house, plus aired out the basement with some fans. In the final conclusion of it all, it was a relatively simple process plus not too luxurious either, which was a shock to both Ariel and I. There were a bunch of other things that had to be finished before every one of us could sell the place as well.

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