The atmosphere in here is dirty

I recently bought about a hundred acres of land up in the mountains so I can finally build my dream home. I was able to get the land at a ridiculously cheap price, and the building materials have been sourced from every possible location to save the most money. I am not a rich man, but I need this to happen for my life to be complete. We excavated the plot for the house the other day, and everything was going well until we came back the next day to find a radon gas detector placed in the pit was showing high levels. I usually blow even a minor annoyance completely out of proportion, so I began yelling about how the land was poisoned and that we were all going to die (I admit that sometimes I can be a bit irrational). Once the contractor I hired had calmed me down, he explained that it was alright and that we could install a sub-slab ventilation system as we built the house. It would suck radon gas out from the sub-foundation and blow it harmlessly into the atmosphere. Also, it would cost even less than normal to do this because the house wasn’t built yet. I was beyond pleased to hear that news as I was sure the whole operation was ruined. I will be sure to keep a radon gas detector in the basement just to keep a close eye out for any potential problems down the road. Soon my home will be built and my life will be complete.

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