I am fine with the winter weather

I just don’t get the reasoning in the hospital, in how cold they keep the patient’s rooms.  OKay, I get it that germs and infections are more likely to spread if the air is too hot. Turn the temperature on the thermostat up a few degrees.  That doesn’t mean that it has to be frigid in all of the rooms. If you have a surgical ward, I agree that they need to have cooler temperatures, but my dad was in the hospital for pneumonia.  Maybe they feel that it is easier on the lungs if there is cooler air. Maybe they are afraid that fevers can spike when there is warmer air temperatures, but some of that should also pertain to the comfort of the patient.  My father was requesting heating blankets to get warm. He even asked for a hot water bottle for his feet, but he was still shivering when I got to his room. He told me he had tried to adjust the thermostat, but it didn’t make any difference.  When the nurse came in, I was trying to adjust the thermostat to get some heating into the room. The room temperature was only sixty-five degrees. My dad is older and he is on blood thinners. He is always cold, and having the temperatures so cold is not good for him.  When they finally came in to check the thermostat, they told me that there was something wrong with it, because neither the heating nor the air conditioning was responding to the thermostat. We could have told the nurse that.

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