This is headed right into the ground

When my dad was hospitalized last year, I was spending a lot of time there with him.  I didn’t want him to get lonely and I didn’t want him to think that no one cared about him unless he was home.  I was surprised at how cold it was in there. I know that I have visited people when they were in the hospital, and I also know that they keep the rooms a bit cooler than normal, because too much heating can cause infection to spread.  I still think however, that this was because his thermostat wasn’t working properly. I tried to adjust the thermostat and turn up the temperature, but inevitably, the temperature would go back down, and we would both be shivering. He asked for heated blankets, and at one point, he wanted a hot water bottle to make his feet warm.  He is on blood thinners, so it is natural for him to colder than most people. Why they didn’t just let the temperature be a couple of degrees warmer, is beyond me. I don’t think it was safe for the thermostat to be set at sixty-six. This could have made him become even more sick. As it was, he was in the hospital for a couple of weeks, because of his pneumonia.  Maybe, if it had been warmer, and the thermostat set so low, he could have begun to feel well much sooner, and he would have been home sooner. Could this be a ploy to keep patients in the hospital longer and make more money for the hospital.

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