I am happy with my electric heating system

About a year ago, I got a job at a local craft store.  The two of us sell things love yarn, paints, fabrics, thread, doing crafts machines, canvases, & wood actually working tools.  I really like my job. The seconds are not all that demanding, & the people I job with are super nice. My responsibilities are quite easy, & I get a discount on purchases.  The only disadvantage of the job is the lack of cooling system in the store. During the Winter season, I have no complaints. Although the weather in my section is drastically cold & snowy, the store’s furnace maintains a comfortable temperature.  I have access to the control component & simply bump up the setting when I arrive in the day. The furnace is powerful enough to hastily hot up the entire store. I then lower the control component right before I leave at the end of the day. During the summer season, but, conditions in the store are downright unbearable.  There is nothing but overhead fans to help combat the heat. The overhead fans collect dust & are very difficult to reach & clean. They tend to spread a wonderful deal of dust around, & provide very little relief from the heat & humidity. I occasionally leave the exterior door open, hoping to bring in a breeze. This also welcomes in dust, pollen, exhaust fumes, bugs & noise.   Because of the lack of cooling system, I always try to job less seconds in the summer season. I take my getaway time while we were in the month of July, just to avoid the heat.