This seems silly to me

I actually wish karma would happen to someone that used to be close to me. I have this ex-boyfriend named Zach and what a total low life. He turned out to be such a horrible person and totally deserves a sucky life. I want him to have misery and have a really challenging life. Zach totally deserves that after how he treated me when we were together. He went into the Marines and I thought that would be the time the karma would hit. Marines get stationed all over the place. I was hoping for him to be stationed far up north somewhere. The north totally sucks in terms of weather. It snows all year long and black ice covers many of the roads. You cannot go without a heating system on constantly. Living without a heater is often unbearable in that kind of cold. I would love knowing Zach was running around in the snow without a heater and being marine. Did he get that form of deal that fits with karma? Not a chance, Zach is actually stationed on a gorgeous tropical island that is absolutely beautiful. He can swim in the ocean every morning and lay on a white sand beach. The island never even comes close to a cold season. His biggest concern would probably be if he has enough air conditioning to keep him cool enough. Don’t worry, the island is absolutely not in any kind of poverty. There is quality cooling system all about because of how wealthy it’s. Zach is totally living that sweet life. I bet he drinks booze from pineapples and coconuts while taking in air conditioning. How fair is that? I thought karma was going to catch up with him. I’m sure not happy about this.

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