I am keeping this heat under control

It took me and my husband years to save up enough money for a downpayment on an older, commercial building on Gold Street.  While the building was need some work down on the inside, it provided a solid brick exterior, large windows, plenty of parking as well as a good location.  My goal was to open a cafe as well as bakery, where people would relax spending a few minutes hanging out, studying or simply having a fantastic time with friends.  Along with the cost of the building, I invested a tremendous amount of money into renovations, cleaning equipment as well as furnishings. My grand opening was on schedule for the first weekend in July, as well as I had everything ordered.  The day before, the temperature increased into the high eighties with excessive humidity. Up until that point, I’d simply opened the large windows as well as doors as well as welcomed in a cool breeze. With all of the construction debris and dust floating around, I had not even considered starting up the cooling system.  Unfortunately, when I finally turned the control unit down as well as expected the cooling system to function, nothing happened. I hoped this was just an concern with the thermostat or the HVAC air filter. I could not troubleshoot and fix the problem. By the time I realized that I had to contacted the local HVAC dealer, I was in a panic.  I legitimately couldn’t open my cafe without a working cooling system. Immediately, I begged for emergency service, the HVAC worker understood my dilemma and agreed to come straight over. I provided him a lifetime supply of coffee if he could get the cooling system running within the next few minutes. I was lucky that the concern was simply caused by a lack of consistent repair.  An accumulation of contaminants, including the construction debris, was blocking airflow.

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