This seems like the perfect solution

When my wife and I first got married, we lived on a truly careful budget that she set up.  Eventually, we ended up buying a small cottage on a nice piece of property. Because the cottage was so small, it was truly easy to maintain.  I was able to entirely scrub the entire cottage in under an hour and a half. We spent very little on our quarterly heating and cooling bill. As our family expanded, the cottage became rather chaotic.  We’d added numerous children, five pets as well as a cat, we honestly needed more room and space. My wife and I decided to build an additional space to the cottage which would provide numerous more family rooms as well as a full lavatory in the back.  Figuring out how to handle the temperature control was a challenge. The existing condo is heated as well as cooled by a central forced air system, which relies on ductwork. We considered extending the ductwork, but this would have been a huge, costly as well as labor-intensive process to undertake.  Plus, we doubted the older gas furnace as well as A/C were capable of handling the extra square footage. After consulting with a local Heating as well as A/C business, my wife as well as I chose a ductless multi-split system to provide both heating as well as cooling. There is a single outdoor component which links to an indoor air handler installed in each room.  The separate air handlers allow zoned heating/cooling, which means that each room can be set to an independent temperature. We continue to stick to a tight budget by avoiding heating or cooling empty rooms, and the older children can tailor the thermostat to their preference in their room. I like that the ductless plan is compact, quiet as well as attractively energy efficient.  It has been the perfect solution, providing ideal temperature all year round, without costing us a fortune.