I am not okay with all this

After I finished my school, I had the fall off before I started my next course of studies. My best friend Ruth had also graduated and moved away to a better and bigger state, so instead of looking for a new Ruth, I decided to find a smaller place just for myself. I had never tried living alone before and was really excited about finding a nice little home and decorating it the way I wanted to. I swiftly gained that finding something nice and within my own budget was really not a simple feat. I ended up going from the top home to a really old duplex. And although I loved it and was still pumped up about our very venue, the heating and cooling units were a worry for me. Between our dorm room and apartments, I had constantly enjoyed central heating and air conditioner. My new place had 1 window A/C device in the living room and another 1 in the bedroom. And instead of charming heated air blowing through ceiling vents, I had a really unusual big boxy object in the living room that I believe was a furnace or heat pump. I never figured out how to turn it on. I opened the front panel and decided not to test my own luck. My home stayed pretty chilly in the sizzling months with the window A/C on full power, however it was quite frosty in those colder months without any form of a heating system. I especially missed a good working oil furnace when I had to walk from the living room to the powder room on those icy floors.

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