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After I was done with university, I had a full year off before I began my graduate studies. My best friend Megan had also graduated & moved away to a new state, so instead of looking for a new person to live with, I decided to find a smaller location all to myself. I had never resided alone & was honestly glad about finding a neat little beach house & setting it up they way I wanted to. I quickly l gathered that finding something trendy & within our budget was truly not easy. I ended up getting away from the best beach house to a honestly old looking duplex. And even though I adored it & was still gleeful about my truly own venue, the heating & cooling units concerned me. Between the dorm room & apartments, I had constantly enjoyed forced air HVAC. My new beach house had a small window A/C component in the doorway/entryway & another single in the study room. And rather than the lovely moderate air blowing through ceiling vents, I had a honestly horrible black box in the entryway that I thought was an oil furnace or radiator. I never figured out how to operate it! I opened the main compartment & decided not to test my own luck. My beach house remained pretty cool in the moderate weeks with the portable A/C on full blast, but it was quite chilly in those Winter weeks without a heater device. I especially missed a good gas heater when I had to walk from the study room to the bathroom on those icy wood floors.

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