I am prepared for the battle

Everyday when I go to work I stop at a local coffee shop. I order the exact same thing everyday, too. Before I can open the door good, the baristas know I want an iced coffee plus a croissant. I couldn’t imagine work days without these little things! However, last month my whole entire program was interrupted by a spell of hot weather and an A/C outage. When the temperatures began to reach the nineties, a lot of people where we live were having to run their cooling systems a great deal more than usual and I concluded this went for the coffee shop as well. I knew this due to me stopping in to get a drink. The shop was hot and muggy, and had no other shoppers there. After placing the order I asked the worker who always helps me what was going on and she told me that the HVAC business was so backed up that it would be a few days before their Air Conditioner was repaired. I worried that this meant that the coffee shop would suffer. Still, I was insistent on stopping by each day until the Air Conditioner was fixed. I didn’t sit there and appreciate breakfast like I normally did, but I still needed the caffeine fix and a croissant. I mean, those things just wouldn’t be the same from any other shop! After a month the cooling system was eventually fixed and I was able to continue my normal schedule. I was relieved, and I’m sure the staff and other loyal shoppers were too!

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