I am so happy with this

My manager is trying to get me and others to switch our workstations this year with all of the new hires. I don’t mind changing stations plus helping the new kids out. I just don’t want to be in the new hire room. The simple reason is where they are in relation to the furnace. My place of work uses a large boiler system to heat the entire place. At the early start, the boiler system turns on to provide heating for the building. By the end, the boiler has turned off plus stopped heating. In a perfect world, all the stations would be evenly heated plus while in the whole work afternoon. Since the boiler is not really situated in the middle plus on a timed basis, the work areas get unusual amounts of heating. My station is the furthest away from the boiler system plus that is just wonderful for me. I run naturally warm plus I don’t want to be sweaty while I do my own work, and staff can be cruel plus I don’t want pit stains in my shirt. By the time I assume the heating from the boiler, I know it is around the time it will turn off. The new hire’s room is right next to the boiler system. That station is notorious for feeling like 90 degrees all of the time, all year. The past man in that room used to open all of his windows in the middle of Winter season.

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