The thermostat was not working great

Yes, the crew of us are all descendants of people who lived off the land. Cavemen were super great people that lived in the woods, hunted with natural elements in addition to slept in the filth. Those people were tough as nails. Some people lately, I can see where they still have caveman things about them. If something were to happen to the world in addition to the two of us were reverted to the old times, particular people would do well. My brother Bob would be an excellent caveman. Bob works outside in super cold temperatures with no heating. In the Summer he will spend hours doing road work without any AC. My best friend could be a cave man too. My friend never needs anything to survive like, water or even a bathroom when I go to the mall with him. I would never make it as this type of person. I guess I could last 1 day, in addition to then I would succumb to the things outside. My silent killer would be air quality. Oh yeah, I am that lame that indoor air conditions would ruin me. I have genuinely light skin in addition to because of this, I have decent working Heating in addition to A/C technology. I use a humidifier in the Winter season because too dry of air quality makes my skin get rid. I then will have bloody noses, chapped lips in addition to cracked hands without wetness in the air quality.

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