I can probably change the thermostat

I have been a hot beast after all of my workouts, however I love doing my exercises outside. But the weather has changed though… It’s gotten to be around 89 degrees as well as humid everyday. I can’t survive the heat. I get so hot that I actually worry about my safety. I am anxious about slipping as well as sliding on my own sweat. I think it is time to work out inside. I need an area that is large enough to have more than one folding mats set down. The room also will need to contain all my exercise equipment, but most crucially, I need an area with a quality air conditioner. I am loosely thinking about converting my lanai into an exercise room. The lanai right now hardly gets used. The reason is that it is too cold to use a screened lanai in Winter. In the Summer the lanai gets deathly hot. Then so what I want to do is rip out the screens as well as make walls with windows. I then can set up a ductless mini split in the space. I could use the area all year long then. I could have a little heating in the Winter when I work out. More crucially, in the Summer I could legitimately exercise in AC. I would not be so hot that I could slide. I also think I could go longer as well as harder with some quality cooling. I won’t be outside anymore, but I think temperature control might be more crucial. It will be a costly upgrade, but I think worth it in the end.

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