Air quality does matter

There is definitely a small critter in our HVAC duct! It might be chipmunk or a mouse–either way–something fluffy and cute is roaming around in our HVAC duct. I don’t want to kill it. If the critter dies, it will most likely perish in our HVAC duct! Having a dead critter in our heating and air conditioning duct would be so gross. Then my air quality would literally have decaying, rotting critter in it–that can’t be healthy to breathe in! However also, I think cleaning out the dead critter would be just revolting. But since I don’t want the critter killed, I can’t easily call an exterminator service for it. I also have not laid out poison. I think what I need to do is call our heating and air conditioning company. I think I will lure them under the premise that the critter has chewed air filters and scratched our HVAC ducts. They can disinfect and perform HVAC duct sealing for me. I am the helping them discover the critter in this process. As a team, the heating and air conditioning contractor and I could then catch the critter and release it into the wild. At least, that is how the plan is going on in my head. I could get a 400 pound heating and air conditioning service provider that does not care about the safety of the critter. That is a risk I’m willing to take. I have prepared heavily for this HVAC duct appointment. I have brooms and buckets ready to catch myself the fuzzy critter. I also have eliminated spans of HVAC duct where I don’t think the critter is… Wish me luck on our quest!

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