I can tell that is burning

As a result of my job, I do significant amounts of traveling, and I often work weekends. I put in really hard, and I rarely get to take anytime at home. When I manage to getting a day off from work, I usually spend it catching up with household tasks. I dedicate the whole day to doing laundry, cleaning, and coping with upkeep on various appliances. Very last January, I took a whole weekend off due to the severe weather. The outside temperature was because of twenty below zero, and that it was snowing like crazy. The streets were in terrible shape, and there was a winter travel advisory. Since it was actually unsafe to travel around, I felt justified in getting the weekend off. I spent the first day doing the different necessary household chores. I became excited that I could spend each of Sunday simply relaxing. I decided that i would stay in my pajamas for hours, read books, and watch tv set. I bumped up the thermostat as a result of chilly outdoor temperatures, and expected my furnace to warm up my house. Instead, there was a huge gust of dust and a terrible grinding noise, and then your furnace completely quit. With such severe weather, the inside of my house quickly turned super cold. I had produced a very difficult time finding an HVAC contractor who has been willing to provide service, due to the dangerous road conditions. It took the HVAC technician days to arrive at my property, and by then I might see my breath. Because of my malfunctioning furnace, my leisurely day at home developed into horribly stressful.