Everything is gross looking

My karate studio is set up in the basement of a motel business where a lot of HVAC components are located. There is a boiler tucked in the corner and the ceiling of my studio is all piping and ductwork. The ductwork is large, metal and bulky, plus certain parts of my ceiling is lower than others. The ductworks get in the way all the time. I can never have my students do anything that requires jumping and can barely teach them stretches or extension. It’s a constant problem. I am several feet too tall for the space. There are certain parts of the studio that I need to duck or else I hit my head on the ductwork. I try to keep an eye on those spots, but I get distracted. I will start teaching a group of teenagers how to do a good snap kick and end up smacking my head on the ductwork. I then start holding pads for their kicks. I slowly walk backwards down the studio. I get distracted with my teaching and forget to look where I’m going. I run into the ducts. When I do my own tasks it is a real problem. The areas that don’t have as many ducts are better; I can jump a bit. Other spots I can’t at all. The worst was a time I was doing knee drops with a medicine ball. I ended up giving a little hop and ramming my head into a piece of ductwork. I hit it so hard that I started bleeding and had to quit to clean up the blood. I even left a big dent in the ductwork. I wish the motel would go ductless with their heating and air conditioning.

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