I can’t fix this plumbing unit

When you live in a family of a bunch of people, you need all of the bathrooms that you can get. We have three bathrooms in our residence, and it seems like all three of them are continuously in use all of the time. I figure that’s just how it works in a big family… Unhappily, our bathroom that’s downstairs in the main hallway decided to give out on us. I’ve entirely been amazed at how much a little plumbing issue in one of our three bathrooms has turned into such a serious problem! Thank goodness we still have two more bathrooms that entirely work with no hassle. I honestly don’t get how big families are able to cope with only one bathroom. I called the plumber who lives a few streets down from us, and he is working on fitting us into his plumbing repair schedule. The kind of problem it is (we believe it’s one of the main pipes instead of just a basic toilet repair problem) makes it harder for him to schedule us in. He says he needs to make sure that he has two plumbing professionals there at the exact same time when they check our main pipe, however I’m not sure why he needs them. I entirely don’t really care, I just want to see a plumbing truck in our driveway and a plumbing professional in our residence fixing the pipes in our bathroom! I told them that I will actually pay for the emergency plumbing fee they charge if they can get to our situation sooner than later. My kids have basically already made up a “shower schedule” and they are fighting about the amount of times each of them get to use the bathroom per day. I need a plumber before things get out of control in my residence.

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