I’ve done this for 50 years

Many people seem to misunderstand the phrase ,“I’m poor.” They legitimately don’t appear to believe I mean what I say, when I state that I don’t have currency. That means I don’t have currency to go out to eat! I won’t be going on that sightseeing trip with a group of friends. I also don’t have the excess income necessary to get myself an annual spa membership. I thought that went without saying, however here we are.

            Last week, our therapist advocated that I regularly go to a spa to steam the toxins out of our traumatized body. Clearly, this seemed like an unusual suggestion considering that all I do is talk about my financial issues with her! That’s why I’m making my own sauna at home to steam. The process was easy enough, since I have a small lavatory that always gets extra humid. It doesn’t matter if it’s chilly freezing outside or blazing hot, the lavatory is about 75 degrees and muggy as anything. I have trouble even feeling the AC while I’m in this lavatory, so I knew that it wouldn’t be a problem to crank up the air temperature and level of airborne moisture for my own purposes!

            So I closed off the AC vent and air return entirely, so the room would be without ventilation. I went out and obtained myself a little humidifier, which I sited in the lavatory to add more humidity to the air. I also obtained a small area heater, which I run for about 2 hours before I’m ready to steam. That way, the room is plenty sizzling and humid by the time I step inside of it. I have to say, I feel lighter and less toxic already.

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