I chose what to do

The other morning was a absolutely special and blessed morning. It was the birth of my first born son, and all of us chose to name him Christopher.  Well, it was a ridiculous morning to say the least. When all of us were then waiting in the hospital, it seemed like simply forever. What bothered myself and others the utmost was the air conditioning in the room was just blasting cold air. I asked the nurses multiple times to please just adjust the thermostat.  They said they would but never did! Finally a nurse was telling myself and others they were not allowed to adjust any thermostat settings, which seemed legitimately ridiculous to us! How were they planning to have my pregnant partner in a room just about to give birth on the verge of chilling to death? Not to mention my new child didn’t need to enter into this world feeling incredibly cold. After a long while of useless complaining to the nurses, eventually I got through to a main boss and he agreed to allow usto  adjust the temperature settings in our room. It was about dang time and it entirely shouldn’t have been so hard to allow us to make a simple little adjustment to the room temperature. I remember a single one of the nurses trying to say it was company policy to prevent germs from spreading. I suppose I might understand that for odd different of the hospital, but not for labor and delivery! Do these medical professional seriously mean to freeze all the brand new babies and their parents? I knew deep down that either these nurses just enjoyed their overworking air conditioning or they enjoyed making people feel annoyed. I will not ever be going back to that hospital again.

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