I didn’t want to pay all that money

Every morning at five, I and a friend open a local coffee shop. There, we serve a wide variety of coffees and pastries. The shop is most famous for a certain cup of coffee and type of danish. Opening on time has never been a problem. But last week was a definite problem. When we arrived to prep for the morning rush, we could not get the furnace to come on. It was cold as ice inside the store and the outside temps were below twenty degrees. My fingers were numb and I refused to remove my jacket. We prepped as much as possible and just hoped the furnace would kick on. Even with the coffee pots running, the inside temperatures were still only fifty two degrees and it was about time open. I called the owner several times, hoping he would be able to get repairs. But he never answered the phone. I kept the store closed until about seven due to the cold. Finally, the sun was coming up and it seemed warmer. I opened the store. The owner at last called me back at noon. I explained to her the furnace was out and that we had opened late because of it. Sighing, she said she would call for repairs.

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