I didn’t worry that much

My favorite thing to do when it’s freezing cold outside is curl up on the couch and watch a good movie. We experience long winters where I live, so snowy days are a regular occurrence during the winter months. A few years ago, I made some big renovations at my house so that my house would be even more comfortable than it was before on cold days. So, I had heated floors installed! A heated flooring system was something I had always heard good things about. Several of my close friends had them, and they told me that they never had to worry about warming their houses quickly and efficiently. Aside from being able to stay cozy, I was especially interested in how I could reduce my power bill by making my house more efficient. It turned out that heated floors saved energy because they disperse warm air more evenly than a traditional HVAC unit. Regular heating systems often end up overworking because they are only able to send air through a few vents. This means that they have to run longer just to get the same amount of warm air in the house. Now that I have a radiant flooring system, my house really is my sanctuary. I often don’t step foot outside of it on the weekends, and it’s because I feel more comfortable there than anywhere else. I feel lucky to have a home that I love so much. If I didn’t have to leave it all winter, I think that I would be just fine with that!

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