I do enjoy the furnace

I remember growing up and traveling often.  It really is what I remember most about my childhood.  It really is a good memory. My dad loved to drive. So, I remember sitting in our van looking out the window at the passing scenery.  Our longest trip was from up north to the most southern region. It was a week long road trip that began with snow capped mountains and ended with beautiful tall pine trees.  Because of his job we moved almost every three years. Among my siblings I was the only one that looked forward to these moves. I have since settled into a new home and my experiences are less whimsical.  A new purchase for my home now excites my like the new heating and air conditioning system that I just installed. As a new homeowner I am creating memories within the place that I will now call home for the next twenty or thirty years.  I decided to install a radiant floor heating system in my bathroom. The online videos that I watched explained that installing an electric radiant heating system was very similar to laying tile. The electric heating system functions very similar to an electric blanket.  The electricity runs through resistance cables creating heat. Because this heating system uses electricity, installing electric radiant floors throughout your entire home would not create any energy savings for the homeowner. Installing the electric radiant heating systems in a small space, such as your bathroom is more cost effective and would bring an homeowner a lot of comfort in that space.  Electric floor systems have three components heat cable, thermostat and sensor. The last part of the radiant floor installation did require electrical wiring and this part of the project I did hire a professional electrician to complete the job