This heater is very rough

I may not have done my homework on home warranties, especially when it comes to A/Cs.  Now that my Heating & Air Conditioning has failed me, I’m doing the research now. I see where most home warranty companies want their own Heating & Air Conditioning repair provider.  I called the warranty supplier to report that my A/C is not cooling. Afterwards, I decided to research A/C repair, and my warranty supplier, in particular. I should have done this research before I obtained a home warranty plan when I closed on my loft 3 years ago.  Consumer Reports wrote an article, and it wasn’t favorable, especially about their A/C repairs. So now, not only am I waiting for the home warranty supplier to return my call, however I’m hoping that an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier calls me as well. Many hours later, the warranty supplier returned my call, and informed me that a claim had been filed on my behalf.  The next afternoon, an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier contacted me, now that I’m going into my 3rd afternoon separate from A/C. Unfortunately, even with the sweltering heat, the A/C contractor can’t get to my loft until later tomorrow afternoon, which will be my 4th afternoon separate from A/C. Nonetheless, I suppose superb about my upcoming A/C repair. It may take longer to get an Heating & Air Conditioning repair through the warranty supplier, however it looks care about it is going to work out.  Now all I need is to get through the next few nights of heat, and I should hopefully have a working A/C not long after.

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