I do understand

Here is a weird one. Lucy obtained a lake house right around the corner from my house. I was so glad because Lucy is great. I came to her to help clean the lake house before she moved in so that there wasn’t any dirt or gross items left from the owners before her. Lucy and I spent the first hour in the kitchen, the next hour on the living plus study rooms, plus another full hour on all the kitchen appliances. It was rough and tiring work, however in the end it paid off. The last thing Lucy wanted to do before she moved in was have the Heating plus Air Conditioning ducting washed out.  The HVAC appointment took a while though. So I didn’t expect to see her. But, Lucy showed up at my door with a look of horror on her face that was so funny, I genuinely burst out laughing. Lucy retold the events. The heating plus cooling supplier came to her house to clean the Heating plus Air Conditioning vents. Lucy then heard a humming sound. She poked her head down there to ask the heating, ventilation, plus air conditioning workers if they were making the sound. The workers stopped dead to investigate, plus for a good reason, as it turns out. Her lake house had sat vacant for a few weeks, plus while I was in that time an entire area of Heating plus Air Conditioning ductwork had been infested with wasps. She was so scared of that idea.