I don’t really have to do this

Cooking is a nice blend of art plus science! A firm understanding of food science is the essential foundation for a job as a chef. However, if you don’t have the visual flair plus soul of an artist, you won’t find much success. This balancing act is why it takes several cooks plus chefs years, if not decades, to perfect their craft, present chef included. After all this time, I am confident in my skills in the kitchen, so much so that I offer my knowledge to others. However oddly enough, one of the first steps I propose most aspiring chefs to take is a current kitchen with an excellent heating and air conditioning system. Having a wonderful heating and cooling system, plus an even better ventilation system, is one of the keys to perfecting your cuisine. Cooking food puts a cacophony of smells plus even tastes into the air, it can impact the taste of other food, so don’t scrimp on air filters! Ventilation of the cooking area means you circulate the air as often as possible. This scrubs the air free of smoke, grease, plus other stinks, elevating the air quality in your cooking area. Poor air quality will strongly affect your ability to smell plus taste the food, so keeping the air properly circulated is as substantial as keeping the counters clean. Then if the air circulation is optimal, you will smell nothing other than the food you are currently cooking… Using air filters to remove the particles from the air will also enhance your sense of taste, so all chefs should choose a wonderful heating and air conditioning system.

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