I was a bit overheated

My dad is a really intelligent guy, and while his grades in grade school weren’t great, his SAT scores were amazing, & it’s not hard to understand why: he’s an amazing problem solver & can can self-teach about virtually any mechanical subject, and any car my family members have owned, he’s purchased a shop manual for & fixed all on his own. He’s never needed the advice of a mechanic, because he’s a great one himself. The only time he called one was because he needed to rent a small crane to pull the engine block out of his aged truck–it was too heavy for even me & my plucky friends to play tug-o-war with & get out of the chassis. Once in a while, I’ll have a brainstorm when he gets stuck, & he’s proud of my ingenuity in those moments. I always tell him I get it from him, & it’s true. Through the years, I’ve been there to give him a hand, pass him the right wrench or help sand something out so he can accomplish the task more easily. From cars to furniture to tile floors, he’s seen & done it all. Curiously however, one thing he won’t touch is an HVAC system. He once helped my uncle build a whole log skidder out of scrap cars, but a heating & cooling system? He insists on leaving that to the pros. He does routine maintenance, & if he can access it, he’ll check the air ducts for leaks & patch them on his own. Anymore than that though, and he calls out an HVAC technician.

HVAC maintenance plan