I felt confident for a while

It has consistently been a real lifelong dream of mine to own our own business and run it myself. I went to school for supplier management, and I have been toiling for many years as a branch supervisor at a local finance supplier. With all of the experience that I’ve gained in this time, I think that I will be ready to get started on our own sooner rather than later. My sibling currently works as an Heating & Air Conditioning worker, and in my mind, she has posed the idea of us opening up an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier together rapidly. With her knowledge on Heating & Air Conditioning systems and repair, as well as my own supplier management experience, I think both of us have everything on deck that both of us need to get started on the right note. She has consistently been super handy her whole life, so she would be wonderful at overseeing a team of repairmen. She is also truly wonderful when dealing with people, and I think that she would work well with our customers. I feel confident that I could learn about HVAC systems and make sure that the sales and finances are well taken care of properly all of the time. Making sure that our customers are able to easily finance their heating and cooling systems at a fantastic rate and that their care plans are truly well-organized would be our priority, then from there, I think that both of us will certainly be able to do well as long as both of us treat people well and hire fantastic employees. Owning a really fantastic supplier will be a lot of work, however in the long run, I feel that it will eventually payoff because both of us will have more financial freedom and flexibility to work with. I can’t wait to get this project started!

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