What is going on with my brother

I’m not really the type who likes to take direction or work on other people’s projects. It has always been a dream of mine to own and operate our own business. I went to school for corporation management, plus at this point,  I have been particularly working as a branch supervisor at a major finance supplier for about 6 years now. With all of the experience that I’ve acquired, I think that I will actually be ready to get started on our own soon. My brother currently works each day as an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman, plus he has posed the plan of us banning together and  opening up an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier together. With all of his past expertise on Heating plus Air Conditioning systems plus repair plus our corporation management experience to boot, I think every one of us have everything that every one of us truly need to get started on the right note. He has always been super handy and smart, so he would be superb at overseeing a team of repairmen. He actually is also really superb with people, plus I think that he would be able task well with our shoppers. While I don’t yet suppose as much about the Heating plus Air Conditioning units or systems themselves as he does, I feel confident that I could learn pretty quickly plus make sure that the sales plus finances are well taken care of for us all of the time. I know we’re going to be successful! I can’t wait to get this project started!

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