I got a cooling system!

When my partner took me to this place and said it was going to be a surprise, I had no idea what to think. Eventually, he and I ended up at this place that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. He pulled out some hiking boots and told me to put mine on… I looked at him in shock–I didn’t think my partner and I would be going on an actual hike! He encouraged me and said that it was all part of the surprise. I was surprised that this wasn’t the surprise itself! So my partner and I made our way on the hike. I kept saying that I wished he and I had the A/C like there was back in the car. I was sincerely tempted to turn around and go back to like the cooling system. He made sure that I moved along at a decent pace and he and I just talked about things. I had to admit, it was actually kind of nice and relaxing to spend this quality time with my partner. He and I were actually having a great time ;the two of us were laughing and telling jokes. Then when I seen the charming scenery of this stunning lake with the view of the mountain in the background, it was such an incredible sight to see! My partner said this was the surprise and he kissed me. He pulled a blanket out of his backpack and had some food and a portable AC device. I asked what it was and he said it was a solar powered cooling unit. This type could be charged with the sunlight or via an electrical outlet. I thought that was pretty neat. While my partner and I dined and admired the scenery, that little AC component was keeping us fairly comfy. It wasn’t anything like a household temperature control system, but it lowered the temperature around us by at least 10 degrees. I was glad that my partner took me out for this little surprise of his.

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