I had an entire month of work

I suppose, at this point, I should know better than to store anything of value in my basement. My area gets water all year long, and I’ve had problems with it leaking into my basement in the past. The Summer and Spring bring tons of rain, falling periodically throughout each day. The wind also accompanies the drastic amount of water. In Fall and Winter there is always snow. The snow falls feet at a time and melts regularly, so we have tons of wet ground around here. The water, in the past, always leaked into my basement. I would get anywhere from an inch to five feet of water. I thought I had the complication fixed. I thought that I had officially sealed my basement for good and that it was protected from the water. I stored my work out device and portable A/C units down there. The window A/C units fit in all the main areas of my house. I had more than three air conditioners stored in the basement. I put them down there to protect them. This Summer I went down in the basement to get out the cooling devices. Right away I saw that there was several feet of water in the basement that I hadn’t been aware of. I still have no idea how long the water was in there… But the water was stationary long enough to damage almost everything. The workout device was all rusted. The A/C units also were totally fried. The water ruined the air conditioners from turning on! Also they became rusted and covered in mold due to the water. I had to pump out the water in my basement and replace the air conditioning units.

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