I hate the body heat

I live in a tropical part of the country & it is lovely; Yes, the people I was with and I have hurricanes occasionally & while in the Summer, it rains often in the nights, then but, it is the locale for me, however i do not like to be cold, and there is nothing I like more than to go outside in shorts, a t-shirt, & flip flops; However, it does get freezing here in the Winter season, but one or 2 weeks out of the year it gets in the 50’s & I am annoyed! First off, I must find the pants I have buried in the bottom of my closet, however secondly, I must turn the control unit from “cooling” to “heating”. That is the worst part. I don’t assume how people up north do this all the time. It seems like when my Heating & A/C is on “heating” it is a sauna in my house. There seems to be no comfortable temperature in the house. It’s either cold or it’s hot. I told my husband that maybe something is wrong with it. He assured me that it is now working perfectly & that it will end soon.  He is correct, it is now working good & that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but during these cold weeks, all the restaurants & stores are the same way. You wear pants & long-sleeved shirts & sweaters to get to locales. Then, when you get there, you take off the sweater & roll up the sleeves because it is so sizzling indoors. I refuse to complain when I am other locales but when I come home, I typically leave a little crack in the window open in the room I am in, this way I think a little relief from the heater. I can’t wait until I can go to that control unit & put it back on “cooling” again!

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