I have a roommate dilemma

My roommate, Eileen and I have finally solved a long, ongoing disagreement of ours. Only about three weeks after we moved in together, we figured out we had completely opposite preferences when it came to how we set the cooling system. She wanted to keep the air conditioning system running non stop because she got hot very quickly.   I am more inclined to keep it turned off unless it was necessary. I suppose I was less willing to run the air conditioner because my parents were all about conserving energy. We only used the air conditioning system on especially hot and sticky days. Each time our air conditioning bill would come in the mail, I would get frustrated because it was  so unreasonably high. I blamed this on Eileen’s habits. We weren’t able to come to an agreement until we brought out our issues to the property owner. When we explained that we were considering moving out, he promised look into a zone controlled A/C unit. I had not heard of this style of heating and cooling systems until he explained it to us. Zoned coolings allows us to cool individual rooms without having to maintain the same temperature throughout the entire house. This sounded great because it would let Eileen run the cooling system in her room.  We could keep a higher temperature in the rest of the house. After the zone controlled program was installed, Eileen and I stopped having arguments over the thermostat. We were able to live together without any complaints! Zone controlled A/C was the perfect solution.

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