I have many chances to succeed

    About a month ago, my wife and I started to experience some trouble with our air conditioner. We sort of tried to ignore the problem at first, and hoped the trouble would go away on its own. After a week of uneven temperatures inside of our house, we decided to contact an air conditioning repair company. We researched a lot of HVAC companies online, before making our final decision. We, unquestionably, tried to do an exhaustive amount of research before we chose an HVAC provider to come fix our central air system.  Even though we felt as though we made an informed decision, we still ended up with a less than satisfactory experience from the air conditioning repairman. We needed to have our HVAC unit repaired, that meant having a new part installed. When the HVAC repairman walked through the living room and into the garage, I heard a box slam down on the garage floor. I ran into the garage, to see if everything was ok. The HVAC repairman gave me a dirty look, and continued with his work. After he finished the installation, I paid him before he left.  I contacted the HVAC company to tell them about my experience, and they did not believe me. A few days later, the same concern started happening with the air conditioner, again. I knew the part must have been broken from being thrown onto the floor with no regard. I called our HVAC provider to request a service call. They came out and replaced the bad part free of charge. Luckily, the part was still under warranty. I still believe that the HVAC repairman broke the part when is slammed onto the garage floor.

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