I hope you are all feeling welcome

I can’t seem to see straight these days, but, three sleepless nights in a row will do that to a person. I desperately need to have my HVAC system serviced, however, they don’t have any appointments available for the next week. You see, it is June, and we have seemed to jump right from winter conditions into summer.  I am not sure where spring went to, but my HVAC dealer said that they are swamped with calls for service at any rate. I understand that I live in the south, and we inherently are doomed to contend with hot sizzling summer nights, it just happened really fast this year. I don’t know if I can take these hot days and even hotter nights much longer. Normally, we have a few weeks where it gets warm during the day but cools significantly at night. I love sleeping with the window open and breathing in the fresh cool air. Rather than cooling down with the outdoor air, these past few nights have remained sizzling and sticky. We have central air conditioning but it is not functioning properly and can’t keep up with the outside temps. We have hooked up fans to help circulate the air, closed off part of the house, and still, nothing seems to help. We have no choice but to wait for the technician but in the meantime we purchased a few window units for the bedrooms so we can at least get some rest. I may even continue to use them once the system is serviced as a supplemental way of cooling the bedroom off further.