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My husband Bob and I have always lived in the farther most northern area of the country.  Although we didn’t have the desire to sell our home, we were tired of the cold weather and the snow.  About four years ago, we bought a nice home down south. We now try to divide our time between the two properties. Our target is to never be up north when it’s necessary to run the gas furnace. We remain in the home up north until the end of September. Then we head down south and stay there until the end of April.  Taking care of two properties is far more of a task and overall worry than we anticipated. Although we are not in the residence while in the extreme Winter season, we must still run the gas furnace to prevent pipes from bursting. Installing a smart thermostat in each of the properties has made our life far easier.  The smart thermostat features Wi-Fi connectivity, this allows us to keep track of both homes through an app on our phones or our computers. At anytime, no matter what we are doing, Bob and I can check the new indoor temperature plus make changes to settings. It’s easy to turn temperature up or down to ensure we arrive at a perfectly set home.  Plus, we save tons of money on energy bills by cutting the use of the heating and cooling equipment. There are a whole bunch of features that allows us to operate the gas furnace and a/c component wisely. We both get notifications if there is an upcoming storm or the need for service or filter upgradement. We both can track energy usage and even take advantage of energy saving tips.  Although the smart thermostats were rather costly, they will absolutely pay off in the long run.

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