I just heard about smart thermostats

A really kind neighbor of mine has consistently been obsessed with time. As a matter of fact, he is so fascinated by it that he keeps a bunch of vintage clocks inside of his household… He said that time is easily precious and pretty much everyone should constantly be aware of it. He has all of his clocks set precisely at the right time and he has the clocks tuned so they pretty much never show the wrong time. As he enjoys his time, he expects things to go like clockwork as well. He has a lot of pride in his heating and A/C system being worked on right on time. He has a heating and A/C contractor and he consistently expects them to arrive right on schedule in order to get maintain his machine to keep it running in pristine condition. Yet I easily do respect that and wish my heating and A/C supplier would consistently arrive on time; sometimes they don’t, but usually I am understanding. The heating and A/C technology professional usually gives myself and my wife the reason for his tardiness. Surprisingly, my friend’s heating and A/C workers never arrive to their regular appointments late. I suppose the reason for that is because it happened once before and my neighbor gave the supplier hell for it, so they never showed up late to his location ever again after that incident. I suppose I should follow his lead and call them about a hard time–then I would never have an HVAC contractor come to my current home late either. I might do something like that, although I am definitely not going to get a bunch of clocks in my house.

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