It’s finally camping season!

My roommate and best neighbor undoubtedly loves birds, but she’s been allergic to them for a undoubtedly young age. Fortunately, we’ve found a way to live together the helps keep some of her symptoms at bay! Since the two of us live in the northeast, most houses and apartments here don’t have any kind of central cooling system. However it’s undoubtedly chilly here much of the year, so the two of us really don’t need it. Sadly, that also means our houses don’t have a built-in air cleaning system with heating and A/C filters to help keep the air clean. Fortunately, I’ve found a way to help relieve some of her symptoms with a whole room air cleaner. I obtained a really nice whole-house air purifier that uses HEPA air filters and can purify a space that has even more square footage than our kitchen. The air filters effectively trap everything from dust to pollen, as well as pet hair and dander… Our air cleaner works so well that my roommate can finally do what she’s regularly wanted to do and adopt an animal of her own! She still has to take her medicine if she hugs one of the birds and lets them sit on her shoulder, but otherwise she hardly ever needs her medication anymore. Now the two of us live together with two birds and she couldn’t be happier. The two of us love to rest and have a drink after a long day, open the cages, and watch them fly around the house for a few hours. And the birds are best friends, just like us.

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