I knew that a new house would help

Kelly and Tom recently moved into a new house with their three children.  It’s located in a great rural neighborhood, without too much traffic and with tons of trees and larger properties. One of the best things is it’s close proximity to the kids’ school.  Instead of a twenty minute commute to and from school each morning and afternoon, they now can walk or ride their bikes each day. They save gas money, plus gets lots of extra exercise. Kelly loves spending the extra time with her children, and enjoys seeing the nature in their neighborhood each day as well.  However, they live in a warmer climate, and it can get pretty hot. Even riding bikes will cause her to sweat by the time she’s gotten back home. The best part of the whole trip sometimes is walking back into the air conditioning of the house after being out in the hot sun. She stands in front of the air conditioning vent and basks in the cool air on her skin.  On the last day of school though, upon returning in the afternoon, she opened the front door to find it wasn’t quite as refreshing as usual. The thermostat was set to 70 degrees, however the temperature inside was over 80 degrees. Tom went and checked the air conditioning system, only to find it groaning and sputtering to keep up. He immediately looked up his local HVAC provider and gave them a call, but they couldn’t come for another two days.  He checked with some other heating and cooling technicians, only to find the same wait time because of the impending summer and hot weather. No air conditioning at the beginning of summer was going to be painful. They set up all their fans and headed to the pool until the HVAC serviceman finally completed the maintenance two days later.

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