A furnace and vents

My boyfriend, Max, and I don’t agree on anything. And I mean NEVER! It’s a non stop struggle between us to make decisions. Once we began remodeling our home, we realized our taste was totally different. It was aggravating to go into the various stores and look at options but get nowhere. Max and I pretty much just argue back plus forth with no compromise. When it came time to figure out a new  HVAC system for the house, the decision took way longer than it should have, because he and I just couldn’t agree. Replacing the HVAC system seems like a simple plan, but with two stubborn and opinionated people involved, it became a drawn out affair. When Max and I finally settled on a heating plus cooling system, and okayed the installation, we continued to debate. Max and I kept right on arguing about all of the  possible heating and cooling options until at last, the unit was installed and up and running. I was so thankful that ordeal was over with, but unfortunately there was still another decision waiting around the corner. We face decision after decision, and keep right on arguing. Honestly, I don’t have the energy for anymore renovations after these projects are completed. I can’t deal with the stress. At least there aren’t any problems with the HVAC.  The furnace and air conditioner turned out to be a great choice and represents a compromise for Max and I. Fortunately the system is energy efficient and maintains a comfortable temperature. We just can’t agree over the thermostat setting.

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