I know there is an issue with the system

The master bathroom in my parents’ loft was severely outdated & unattractive.  They had water stains on the tub, chipped floor tiles, & even troubles with proper drainage.  The fixtures for their sink & shower were terribly corroded, & there wasn’t good lighting or storage.  Since bathroom renovation is a major expense, it took them awhile to save enough money to tackle their project.  They were so eager to get started, they accepted the estimate from one of the first plumbing dealers they consulted with.  This was a really huge mistake. They should have taken the time to check his references. He gave them an undoubtedly low estimate, because because he had low quality materials & awful workmanship.  Although their finished master bathroom was truly appealing, it really didn’t stay that way for long. Their ceramic tiles literally fell off their walls. Their shower doors were hard to open & close, & they even leaked.  The plumber did not properly service the problem with the drains, despite their insistence that this was the priority. The sink faucet constantly dripped & the toilet ran way too excessively. Unfortunately, they had undoubtedly little recourse.  After complaining & even threatening to report him to the Better Business Bureau, their plumber gave them a refund on some of their investment. They were still left with a disaster in their master bathroom. They took more time, did more research, & found a reputable local plumber who could deal with the mess.  This new plumber was forced to start over, to gut their bathroom, & to retrofit their water pipes & drains. Although their master bathroom remodel ended up costing them twice as much as they originally planned, it eventually turned out great.

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