Frequent starts and stops

When I first moved into our townhome, there was no access to any type of air conditioning.  The former owners had made do with a couple of portable cooling units. I was unwilling to have an ugly air conditioning system stuck in the windows of our current home all warm season long.  I quickly realized that central ac would not work for me. Because of the size of our home, number of windows, shade trees and local weather, the numerous rooms have far unusual temperature requirements.  While a single room is constantly chilly, another is usually overheated and stuffy. Trying to cool the current home to a single temperature would be nearly impossible and cost a small fortune. I needed control over each room independently.  The perfect solution was a ductless system. A single outdoor compressor is linked to numerous indoor air handlers, mounted in each room. Every air handler is adjusted by an independent temperature control. The ductless air conditioning system lets us set a unique  temperature in each room, which spares us from never ending arguments. Our family differs as far as preferences go. I’m constantly hot and my wife is always freezing. It’s helpful that we each have control over the temperature in our offices. I also save quite a bit of money, because I only spend money to cool rooms that are in use.  Despite the compact size, the ductless program works magnificently, and has the ability to drop the temperature in the room instantly.

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