I love the boiler

When my fiance and I needed a new boiler, both of us decided then and there to invest in a good product, however while there are plenty of cheaper models on the market, they are exactly that dirt cheap. While a normal boiler can last up to 20 years, the model both of us purchased can last 35 years or more! The main goal was to find a boiler that entirely saved us currency on our fuel bills down the road, and with that being said, the price on boiler would remain fairly flat compared to the constantly rising cost of oil to run it! The key we each found was to purchase a boiler that doesn’t just run more efficiently, but that works less altogether, then my powerful boiler is not a condenser boiler, but rather is a unique  type of oil boiler which runs only when the house needs to be heated or when boiling water is required. Otherwise, it doesn’t operate. I learned most boilers are constantly entirely working to keep the water in the method hot, regardless of whether or not that water is in use. This is accomplished through the digital director, which works to run the work perfectly to the unique needs of our household! It also made it super easy to add Heating and AC zone control, as the method has many taps to be used for more than three different areas. With every room that has its own Heating and AC zone control, both of us also save more money by making the choice to heat those spaces rather than the whole house. The model promised a savings of up to 30% off our heating bills, and they were not joking! Instead of filling our oil furnace tank every 2 weeks, now both of us only have to fill it every four.

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