A good quality boiler

Not ever single boiler is the same, but while there of course the major differences between gas plus oil boilers, there are far more types than just various fuels. For many decades, cast iron boilers were the standard, as odd as it sounds, you can still encounter them in use today. Cast iron boilers can last fifty years or more if properly cared for, and however, older does mean more effective, and this is due the fact cast iron boilers are a actually outdated type of HVAC technology. The most formidable problems with a cast iron boiler is the material itself. Cast iron can break down due to intense temperature drops! Unlike other current materials, it can also corrode. While a cast iron boiler can last nearly fifty years or more, it will not run at its peak. These models tend to simply develop more breaks and become worse and more brittle overtime until they are finally fixed up by an HVAC business. This is why the most efficient boilers made today are steel. Whether your living area is built for gas or an oil heater, a steel boiler can be fitted for your needs. Unlike the outdated cast iron models, steel boilers are are resistant to corrosion and won’t crack due to temperature drops. The latest steel boiler I purchased even saves me money on oil, since it doesn’t run all the time! It only heats water when it’s needed it for the home or need it to heat the home. An excellent steel boiler can last for 35 years or more, and continue to operate at peak performance with correct repair from your local HVAC repair provider.