I love to work

I think the worst thing about going camping is the unbearable heat. My husband always seems to want to go camping right in the middle of the summer. I keep telling him that summertime is when the bugs are the worst and the heat is the worst! But he just won’t wait until fall to go. I don’t understand him. To me, air conditioning is one of the great seven wonders of the world. I will go anywhere for air conditioning. As you know, there is no air conditioning when you’re going camping! It’s just oppressive, sticky heat and bugs, bugs, bugs. Yeah, I know, it’s about being one with nature and all of that. No thank you! I am not interested in the least. Take me in the fall when the leaves are nice and colorful and the temperatures have cooled down. In the fall, you don’t really have to worry about turning down your thermostat and you don’t have to sit and cry about the awful heat. That’s what I do when I’m camping, anyway. I don’t know why my husband keeps insisting that I go. Maybe he thinks that I’ll grow to love it someday. I’ve got news for him, though. I will never ever like camping in high temperatures. Maybe if he gets me a portable air conditioner, I’d be able to tolerate it a little bit better. As of now, I just dread it. Our yearly trip is coming up and I’m thinking about getting “sick,” just so he will have to go without me! I will stay home in the nice cool air conditioning while he goes out and sweats his butt off while getting eaten by mosquitos!

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