I looked into the situation

My child Lola has breathing issues and we’ve always struggled with keeping the indoor air conditions in our house at a high enough level to keep her breathing issues under control. Lola is 12 years aged now, and she’s genuinely taken care of her condition as far as trying to make her breathing attacks few and far between. I’m genuinely glad about of how responsible she is with her medicine and with all of her pills, however recently she’s decided to take over the indoor air conditions conditions in all of our parents houses. Lola says that if she’s going to be going over to her grandmother’s home or to her grandpas, then they need to be aware of her breathing issues and what they can do to help keep her from having an attack. The first thing Lola told them is that if they want her to come over and visit too, then all of them are going to have to stop using cigars completely. Lolas pa still smokes occasionally, and so our child told him that smoke is the absolute worst thing for normal indoor air conditions. The other thing Lola says that they need to do is minimize debris in their homes. Lola’s gran is a bit of a hoarder, and so there is dust everywhere in her home, however dust is poor for girls with asthma and so Lola told her gran to clean up! Keeping everything free from debris and dust genuinely helps to improve indoor air conditions.

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