I need a new filter

Have you ever considered put a gym in your home and forgoing paying to go to a public gym.  I refused to go to the public gym, but my reasoning had nothing to do with the money. I no longer looked as amazing as I once had.  I wasn’t going to walk into that gym looking like a plump grape after them knowing me as an exquisite beauty. I know that sounds stupid and vain, but it is the truth.  I wanted to get back into shape, but I wasn’t going to do it in public. I have an office in my home and I knew that would make a good gym for me. I rearranged all of the furniture in my office and I brought a treadmill in.  I placed my treadmill right under the air vents. I knew this was a mistake when I had air conditioning blowing in my face. I thought that the only way I could lose weight was to sweat, but I was wrong. I began to work harder, hoping to work up a sweat, and I began to lose the weight, anyway.   A couple of months into my workout, I wanted to start crossfit weight training again. I moved the treadmill and I brought in my weight bench. I placed the weight bench with the air conditioning vent pointing right at me. If I hadn’t learned anything else, I learned that exercising is always easier when you have comfortable air conditioning.  I actually enjoy working out and I haven’t given another thought to returning to the public gym.

air conditioner tune-up