I need to stay out of the sun

When my company shifted gears, they asked employees to start working from home. It was a great way to do away with the office, plus we were all working individually anyways. All of my friends plus myself were absolutely reeling at the idea, because it would give us a lot more free time Plus open days. I was pretty excited at the opportunity of working from my brick building, because all of us recently updated the heating + air conditioning program. Every time I had to leave the house plus go to the office, I was sad to leave the comfortable area of my own brick building. Ever since the heating + air conditioning program was updated, the indoor air quality has been cool, crisp, Plus odor free. When the company ask people to start working from home, my friends plus myself jumped on the idea. I’ve been working from my brick building for a year now, plus it absolutely is the best ever. I keep myself to a rigorous schedule, so I can absolutely meet each one of my deadlines. The only time there was ever problems, is when my hubby tries to distract me. Since he is retired, working from home puts us in the same close proximity every day. There are a lot of times when he would rather me hang out with him, then work on my business. It’s absolutely great being able to work from a comfortable space, especially when you have great friends plus a fantastic indoor air quality. I hope that I can work from home from now on.

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